Conor McGregor
Mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor is still hoping for a big exhibition match against boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. Steve Marcus/GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

MMA star Conor McGregor wants a big money fight against boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. The crossover bout has long been mooted, but has yet to materialise. As such, the Irishman has expressed his frustration at the Filipino boxer.

McGregor made his feelings known while attending the "Day of Reckoning", a mega boxing event staged in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on December 23.

It was a heavyweight spectacle which featured Deontay Wilder's defeat at the hands of Joseph Parker and Anthony Joshua's sensational win over Otto Wallin. There was also a series of other fights, which is customary for any boxing event.

While the action was heating up in the ring, McGregor was also getting worked up while sitting in the audience alongside former Real Madrid and Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The two legendary athletes were seated together alongside His Excellency Turki Al-Sheikh, the Chairman of General Authority for Entertainment of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Sheikh was the driving force behind many of Saudi Arabia's latest ventures into the sports and entertainment world, and it seems like McGregor wants a piece of the pie. In order to get in on the action, he seems convinced that the much-awaited bout between himself and Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao could be just the thing to get Saudi Arabia interested.

However, he made it clear that he isn't getting the same enthusiasm from Pacquiao's camp. In a video that's now circulating around social media, McGregor could be seen telling Al-Sheikh: "I love Manny. Tell Manny to grow a set of b*lls to fight together at a higher weight."

He then made it clear that if the two of them will fight each other, it will be a boxing fight, meaning he will have to be the one to adjust. However, he expects the boxer to at least match his weight category. "Why not? It's his sport. If he wants me to come down to a smaller weight, then we should use more of my weapon. I should be able to grapple, that's more fair," he added.

"Say it to him, 'Be a man or a mouse!' Is Manny a man or a mouse? That's it!"

McGregor appears to have been addressing Al-Sheikh, but Ronaldo was seated in between them and he could be seen awkwardly looking forward as McGregor was talking across him.

In the end, after McGregor said his piece, Ronaldo simply chuckled in amusement. It remains to be seen if the MMA star was able to make a case for himself. If the fight happens, both fighters will surely be logging a massive payday.

While talking to IFL TV on the same day, McGregor repeated his rant about Pacquiao. The interviewer then said that perhaps a big money offer is the key to lure Pacquiao out of retirement and his political career in the Philippines.

In response. McGregor brought up a legal issue that he and Pacquiao have yet to resolve: "Money talks? Well, Manny already owes me eight million via court of law cause he was signed to my management company and then didn't honor his deal."

McGregor is referring to a court ruling earlier this year in May, wherein Pacquiao was found to have been in breach of contract after bout negotiations fell through between McGregor's management company, Paradigm, and Pacquiao. The boxer was ordered to pay $5.1 million to Paradigm and at least $2.9 million in legal fees.

McGregor appears to be eyeing a headline bout for UFC 300 with Pacquiao. Considering what Saudi Arabia has been able to pull off in recent years when it comes to sports, anything seems possible. However, it remains to be seen if Pacquiao will take the bait, and if UFC will want to get in on the action.