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Apple celebrates its 40th birthday on 1 April 2016 Reuters

On 1 April Apple will celebrate its 40th birthday. It has been four decades since Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak laid the foundations in Jobs' parents' garage for what would become the most profitable corporation in history.

Here, we take a walk down memory lane to look at 10 of the company's biggest and most significant product announcements, starting with a demonstration video of the Mac Lisa from 1983 and running right through to the Apple Watch.

1983 - Apple Lisa promotional video

1984 - Steve Jobs reveals the original Macintosh

1998 - First iMac

2000 - Mac G4 Cube

2001 - First iPod

2007 - First iPhone

2008 - MacBook Air

2010 - First iPad

2010 - First Retina Display on iPhone 4

2014 - Apple Watch