iPad 2
Steve Jobs announcing the iPad 2 Reuters

If you're hoping to get an iPad 2 this Christmas, then it might be Worthing holding on until the New Year, as rumours emerging from the Chinese supply chains claim the iPad 3 will be available in just a few months.

Here at the International Business Times UK, we've compiled all of the latest iPad 3 rumours into this cut-out-and-keep guide.

The screen

The iPhone 4 was the first device to feature a super-high resolution retina display, offering a pixel density greater than that of a high-quality glossy magazine. By comparison, the iPad 2 - which uses the same screen as the 2010 original - looks a bit on the fuzzy side. Recent reports claim that Apple has a retina display for the new iPad already in the works, and we're believing them.

A retina display on the iPad 3 would mean an eye-melting resolution of 2048x1536, meaning that the next-generation tablet will comfortably be able to show full 1080p HD video with ease.

The new retina screen might mean a small increase in overall thickness over the iPad 2, but that would be a small price to pay for doubling the resolution.


The iPad 2 and iPhone 4S use the A5 chip and for the past two generation the iPad has led the way with a newer, more powerful processor each year. We don't expect 2012 to be any different, which means the iPad 3 will probably get a shiny new A6 processor; it's not yet clear if the new chip will be dual-core like the A5 or quad-core, but obviously the latter would bring a substantial performance boost.


The iPad 2 brought a radically streamlined design update, shaving considerable bulk from the original iPad's slightly chunky form factor. Despite talk earlier in the year of a curved glass screen, we believe that the iPad 3 will be very similar in design to the current generation iPad 2, with the upgraded screen and processor making all of the headlines.


The iPad has never offered a good camera - in fact, the original didn't have one at all and the iPad 2, while having a front-facing camera for Facetime and another one around the back for photos and video, they really aren't that good.

In the iPad 3 expect to see something similar to the 4-megapixel unit found in the iPhone 4. We're not expecting the next iPad to match or beat the iPhone 4S's cameras as photography isn't really what the tablet is made for.

Release date and price

Recent rumours and speculation all point towards an announcement by Apple sometime in January, with the iPad 3 being made available in either March or April. Reports have claimed this month that shipments of the iPad retina screen are already on their way to Apple from the Chinese manufacturers, which tallies nicely with a release date in the next three to four months.

With regard to price, Apple rarely increases its prices - especially with the iOS range - so we can safely assume that the iPad 3 will cost the same as the iPad, therefore starting at £399 in the UK