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Mountain Lion - OS X
Photo: Apple

Apple has released the developers' preview of the next major release in Mac OS X called Mountain Lion. The latest instalment is based on Apple's iOS platform, as the company intends to promote the idea of convergence between iPhone and iPad.

Expect the commercial release of the software to ship out later this summer through the company's App Store. Meanwhile, take a sneak peek at the top 10 most-anticipated features of the new OS bridging the gap between mobile OS (iOS) and tablet OS (Mac OS X).

As tablets bridge the gap between an iPhone and a Mac, it is ideal that Apple has unleashed a new OS called OS X that could blend the contrasting features of both the platforms, while still retaining the basic differences. In a nutshell, users would benefit with its ease of use and flexibility in terms of feature integration.

Expect the term "Mac" to be left out in all future naming conventions as Apple hints at unifying the portable experience on Macs. Especially given the fact that Apple sold 150 million iOS devices last year, and about 18 million Macs, the idea of convergence truly makes sense in a bid to give the users a taste of both worlds.

Contrary to the popular belief, the latest revelations suggest a unified experience rather than a unified platform with the new major release to the users. In other words, it is improbable that Macs and iPads will run the same software in the near future.

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