Apple is reportedly ready to unveil its latest iPhones and a slew of other products next month. Some reports claim that the Cupertino-based tech giant will host an event on September 7 to launch its new products. Aside from the much-awaited iPhone 14 series, the company could take the wraps off the equally-anticipated Apple Watch 8 at the event.

Meanwhile, the rumour mill has been churning out speculations surrounding the upcoming Apple products. Moreover, the Apple Watch 8 has already made appearances online in the form of official-looking leaks. So, here's everything we know about the Apple Watch 8. However, it is worth mentioning here these are mere speculations and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Apple Watch 8 Design

According to the latest rumours, the higher-end version of the Apple Watch 8 could sport a flat display. The Watch Series 7 was previously tipped to adopt this design. However, the rumours didn't prove to be true. Further, the Apple Watch isn't likely to feature flat edges like the existing iPhone 13 and iPad Pro.

Noted leaker ShrimpApplePro said Apple is currently developing a "flat front glass display" for the upcoming Apple Watch. There is a possibility that the rumoured display could debut on the Apple Watch 8. The standard Watch 8 models could retain the design of its predecessor without any notable upgrades to the chassis.

Apple Watch 8 Size Options

Display analyst Ross Young claims that one of the upcoming Apple Watch 8 models will sport a 5 per cent larger display. The size of the display could be 1.99 inches diagonally. To recall, the 45mm ‌Apple Watch 7‌ sports a slightly smaller 1.99 inches display (diagonally). Bloomberg's Mark Gurman predicts that the larger watch will be a rumoured rugged Apple Watch 8 model that the company is reportedly working on.

Apple Rugged Watch

The popular tech company is currently working on an extreme sports Apple Watch model, according to the latest rumours. As expected, this model will sport a larger screen. Also, it will be housed in a more robust metal casing that can stand the test of time. The rugged model could target hikers, athletes, and people who enjoy adventurous outdoor activities. Notably, this will be Apple's biggest smartwatch to date.

Its display could measure about 2-inches diagonally. To recall, the Apple Watch 7 features a 1.9-inch diagonal screen size. The Apple Watch 8 is also tipped to get the same display as the Watch 7.

Moreover, it will reportedly provide nearly 7 per cent more screen area as compared to the 45mm ‌Apple Watch 7‌. It will deliver a screen resolution of 410 x 502 pixels as well. Further, the new watch could be made using high-quality titanium material.

However, details about the rugged watch's moniker are still scarce. Still, it will likely come with upgraded impact resistance and a more shatter-resistant display. Also, it claimed to pack a larger battery unit. The rugged version of the Apple Watch 8 will reportedly carry a price tag of $900. On the downside, Apple could ship only 1 million of the larger Apple Watch 8 model.

Apple Watch 8 uses S8 Chip with Low-Power Mode

The Apple Watch 8 will pack the powerful S8 chip under the hood. The new chip will boast the same specs as its precursor, the S7. In other words, there will be no significant improvements in efficiency or speed. Aside from this, the new Apple Watch will come with an improved low-power mode. So, it will be capable of carrying out several functions without consuming a lot of battery.

Apple Watch 8 health features

The new Apple Watch models will have an impressive array of health features, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. For instance, the new models will get a sleep and fertility tracking thermometer. Moreover, they will be capable of monitoring blood pressure and detecting diabetes and sleep apnea. Some of these features could debut with the Apple Watch 8.

Ahead of glucose and blood pressure monitoring, many other features, including medication management, new fitness options, sleep updates, and women's health features, are likely to be available on the new Apple Watch. However, the blood pressure and glucose monitoring features aren't likely to launch until 2025.

Temperature Sensor

The 2022 Apple Watch models could feature a body temperature sensor. It will come in handy for fertility planning. However, newer Apple Watch models could use the body temperature sensor to determine the body temperature of the wearer. The temperature monitoring feature was originally slated to debut on the Apple Watch 7.

Sleep Apnea & Car Crash Detection

The existing blood oxygen sensor could be used to detect sleep apnea, but this will reportedly drain the battery on the smartwatch. Apple could roll out a crash detection feature for its latest iPhones and Apple Watch models. The feature uses an accelerometer and other sensors to detect car accidents by calculating the increase in gravitational force.

Atrial Fibrillation Improvements, Activity Tracking Update

Atrial fibrillation detection in watchOS 9 will calculate "burden," or the frequency of a person's state of atrial fibrillation. Mark Gurman‌ said the Apple Watch 8 would bring notable upgrades to activity tracking.

Apple Watch Patents

Apple has previously patented many technologies that will likely debut in the upcoming Apple Watch devices. These include the biometric authentication feature. Another patent hints at a self-tightening band for the Apple Watch. This band would allegedly adjust during running, working out, and other intensive activities.

Apple Watch 8 Release Date

The Apple Watch 8 models could go official on September 7. A pocket-friendly Apple Watch SE model could be in the offing at the same launch event. Apple will probably hold an iPhone-centric event on that date.

Apple Watch 8 release date