Apple Watch 2 won't have cellular connectivity
Useful fixes for everyday Apple Watch problems Apple

The Apple Watch is still the most popular watch in terms of sales, according to latest numbers from Strategy Analytics even after losing considerable market share to Android wear watches. With the Apple Watch 2 all set to hit the market this year, things are expected to only get more exciting for Apple lovers.

Until the release of the new watch we have lined up some useful fixes for everyday Apple Watch problems that you may face:

Bluetooth won't connect or frequently disconnects

This has to be the most common issue faced by Apple Watch users. Very often the device disconnects from the paired iPhone, even when both are in close proximity. There are a few different things you can try to get Bluetooth working again.

  • For an issue with Bluetooth headphones and music streaming in particular sync your playlist onto your Apple Watch and turn the Bluetooth on your iPhone off. This will let let music play seamlessly without interruptions.
  • The issue can mainly lie with your iPhone. For this, try turning the Airplane mode on your iPhone on and off again for at least two to three times. If that does not work, go to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle it off and wait for sometime and toggle it back on again.
  • Alternatively, try un-pairing the iPhone by opening the app on you phone and going to Unpair Apple Watch > Unpair. Now set up the connection fresh.
  • A factory reset is the final resort. For that, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Also unistall the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and re-load it. Once both are fresh, pair them once again as instructed in the watch manual.

If screen is black or frozen

The Apple Watch screen tends to freeze mostly if it is in Power Reserve or has a low battery resulting in no response to wrist gestures or taps. Here are some steps you could follow to resolve the issue based on what may be affecting the watch:

Method 1: Hold the Digital Crown and side button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds till you see the Apple logo. This will help restart you Apple Watch but will not erase any information.

Method 2: Even after seeing the logo some users report that the screen is frozen and a description of what's on the screen is heard . For this you will need to switch off the the VoiceOver screen. For that follow the below steps:

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone
  • Tap on General > Accessibility > VoiceOver
  • Turn Screen Curtain off, then turn VoiceOver off

Forgotten passcode for Apple Watch

This is a rather tricky one, as if you enter the wrong passcode for your Apple Watch six times in a row, you'll be locked out. So try to follow the steps below to reset the password for the watch:

  • For this you will have to use the Watch app to erase your Apple Watch content. On the Watch app go to the My Watch tab and tap on General > Reset. Then tap on Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings and then tap once more to confirm. Make sure to keep your Apple ID and password handy as you may need them to authenticate the process.
  • In case the iPhone was not yet paired to the Apple Watch and yet you got locked out you can still reset the passcode. For this, connect the Apple Watch to its Apple Magnetic Charging Cable and Press the side button until you see the Power Off slider. Now press the Power Off slider then lift gently. Tap on Erase all content and settings. This should reset the watch for you.

Battery draining - How to save?

  • To ensure that energy output is at minimum, do not spend a lot of time on photos, big animated emojis, or apps that don't follow the interface guidelines. Check what you need, then go back to your watch face as black and white uses the least amount of power.
  • Push Notifications are a big energy drainer. They light up the screen as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios. For anything not urgent, go to Notifications on the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and and turn off unnecessary notifications. Limit it to calls, one messenger and emails.
  • Other than this if you see an app is using too much power (like Facebook) force quit it.
  • Go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap on General, tap Accessibility, and turn Reduce Motion and Reduce Transparency to On. This will minimise animation thus costing less GPU cycles.
  • Then there is the Power Reserve mode which is meant to stop the battery from draining too fast. To activate this hold down the side button until the power off screen comes up and then slide to Power Reserve

Watch not charging

In case the watch is not charging, try some of these hacks:

  • Make sure that you don't have any plastic still attached to the Apple Watch or the charger.
  • Use the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable and the USB Power Adapter that came with your Apple Watch and not any other substitute charger
  • Try a different plugging source

Fitness Sensor not tracking properly

The Fitness Sensors on the Apple Watch sometimes do not seem to work thus not being able to track figures properly. Some reviews in the past have also hinted that the Apple Watch's heart rate sensor depends on a tight band. So consider using third-party bands which are well strapped to the wrist and can also be used as a disposable fitness option. Additionally, if one has wrist tattoos the sensors may not function properly.

Overheating Apple Watch while charging

Ensure that the magnetic charger is correctly aligned with the Apple Watch, as it is a common cause of overheating. Also make sure when the watch has been fully charged to not over-charge it by keeping it connected to the charger.

If any of these steps do not solve the problem or if you have additional issues, contact the Apple support page for the Apple Watch or check out their instructions to spot anything already not listed here.