James Wan is said to be looking to cast an Asian actress to play another female lead in "Aquaman 2" amid concerns about the return of Amber Heard as Mera.

Movie insider Grace Randolph shared on Twitter that Jodie Comer, known for "Killing Eve," "The White Princess," and "Free Guy," has met with both DC and Marvel for possible roles in "Aquaman 2" and "Flashpoint." The 27-year-old English actress has so far remained mum about these talks.

It is also unclear if Comer auditioned for "Aquaman 2" for a specific role. It may not be for the female lead as Wan wants to cast an Asian actress for that part.

According to We Got This Covered, this new female lead in the sequel will likely play Dolphin. She is one of the superheroines in the DC Comics universe. She was a young girl when she fell overboard from a cruise ship and was abducted by an alien race who experimented on her with a prototype for a subaquatic humanoid race.

Dolphin eventually developed gills, webbed fingers and toes, resilience to deep water pressures, and superhuman strength. She also grew shining white hair and ages slowly. She saved Aquaman after Charybdis stuck his hand in a pool of piranhas. They eventually developed romantic feelings for each other and were lovers until Aquaman's wife, Mera, returned from her exile in the Netherworld.

The possible addition of a new female lead in "Aquaman 2" comes amid petitions to remove Heard from the franchise. According to Randolph, the addition of a new female cast member does not mean Heard is out. It is to "balance things out" and to help minimise her screen time in the sequel.

"Some of you are asking re Amber Heard - as I told you before, they are bringing on this new female lead to balance things out, and writing the script so that Heard's role can be cut down if needed. But as of right now she's still in #Aquaman2," Randolph tweeted.

Wan and DC have yet to confirm reports of a new female lead in "Aquaman 2" and if Heard will return as Mera. But the actress herself expressed her excitement to start working on the movie in 2021 now that it is nearing the end of pre-production.

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