A video from a New Caledonia aquarium shows how enormous a seahorse family can get. Jean-Paul, a seahorse owned by the Aquarium des Lagons, has given birth to a whopping 1,500 children in the past two months and the family is still growing. Seahorses are unique from most animals in that males carry their partner female's eggs.

In the video, released by the aquarium on 22 January, a pregnant Jean-Paul can be seen swimming along with hundreds of his recently-born children. Seahorses typically give birth to as few as five and as many as 500 offspring at a time. Despite the huge number of offspring, Jean-Paul is still considered pregnant and will likely eject more babies.

An aquarium representative said that Jean-Paul comes from the "half-spined" species of seahorse, which can only be found natively in the Coral Sea.