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Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby admitted to moments of doubt Getty

The Archbishop of Canterbury has revealed he sometimes has doubts in God.

He said that while out on a morning run, he challenged God about why He had not intervened in certain challenging situations.

"The other day I was praying over something as I was running and I ended up saying to God 'Look this is all very well but isn't it about time you did something – if you're there,'" he told the BBC during a visit to Bristol Cathedral.

He admitted that he experienced doubt like everyone else and enjoyed mediating on Psalms, especially Psalm 88, which is "full of doubt".

In his defence he explained: "It's not about feelings, it is about the fact that God is faithful and the extraordinary thing about being a Christian is that God is faithful when we are not.

"When we get into the wrong place he comes alongside us and says, 'Right let's go from here.'"

He preached on doubt to 1,000 people on 12 September as part of his West Country tour visiting schools and other churches.

A spokesman for Lambeth Palace said: "The remarks were made in the context of an event at Bristol Cathedral during which the archbishop spoke extensively about why he believes in God and how his faith in Jesus Christ has transformed his life.

"The comments in question were made in response to a specific question about whether he had ever struggled with doubts."