Matt Terry
Matt Terry has won the X Factor 2016 ITV/The X Factor

X Factor winner Matt Terry was rumoured to have enjoyed a flirtatious relationship with his mentor Nicole Scherzinger, but now speculation has kicked up as to whether he is in a relationship with fellow finalist, Freddy Parker.

After Terry was announced winner, the rest of this year's contestants joined him on stage to celebrate once he had finished singing the winning single, which was written by Ed Sheeran.

Eagle-eyed X Factor fans noticed something interesting after Terry appeared to embrace his fellow singing-hopefuls, with many people on Twitter speculating he kissed Parker in the background.

It was a dramatic night for the 23-year-old former waiter, who beat out favourite Finnish singer Saara Aalto to the X Factor crown.

Afterwards, he said: "I can't believe it, this is surreal. It's amazing... schamazing!" – stealing one of Scherzinger's trademark catchphrases.

He also said: "Winning will change my life, it's something I've wanted since I can remember. I've always known I wanted to sing but it's only since getting on the X Factor I've wanted it so much. It will be life-changing, it won't just change my life but my family's too. To be able to sing every day, make music and work with incredible people is a dream come true."

Aalto, who maintained her composure after Terry was announced the winner, said: "I'm so pleased for Matt, congratulations I love you."

The Finnish star had much of her own country backing her, as it was revealed that 25% of Finland tuned into last night's final, which counts for 1.3m viewers.