Bashar al-Assad
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad vowed to retake Syria only hours after a ceasefire deal was reached Getty Images

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has vowed to retake the whole country from rebel groups, in an interview published only hours after world powers reached a framework ceasefire agreement.

Assad told AFP that reasserting government control of the country which has been torn apart by five years of brutal civil war would take "some time".

After peace talks in Munich, Germany, the 17-Member Syria Support Group agreed to seek a nationwide "cessation of hostilities" in a week's time, with a key rebel coalition welcoming the announcement.

However, Assad told AFP in an interview in Damascus that his armed forces would attempt to retake the whole country "without any hesitation", but that the involvement of regional players "means that the solution will take a long time and will incur a heavy price".

In recent weeks Saudi Arabia has signalled its willingness to provide troops to support rebel groups.

The ceasefire would not apply to the fight against jihadist groups Jabhat al-Nusra or Islamic State. After the agreement the UN announced it would attempt to start delivering aid to besieged civilians within 24 hours.