Battersea car crash
Two sports cars swerved out of control and into a wall in Battersea, south west London @EJWrites1


  • Luxury cars crashed along busy road in south west London on Saturday morning.
  • Moped driver caught in crash taken to hospital with injuries.

An Aston Martin and a Mercedes have been destroyed after careering off a road and into a home in Battersea, south-west London on Saturday (22 April).

Photos from the scene show the luxury sports vehicles smashed into a wall with debris strewn across the road and pavement.

The vehicles were approximately two metres from slamming into the home itself and causing further damage.

A moped driver was injured in the crash and has been taken to hospital with a leg injury. Police and emergency services rushed to the scene and have cordoned off the road.

Radio presenter EJ Ward was at the scene after the crash and took photos of the carnage. "This is the scene on Queenstown Road Battersea where two cars have, according to a witness, hit a scooter," he wrote on Twitter.