The panicked moment a shocked bodyboarder is dragged from the water after he was attacked by a great white shark was captured on camera by witnesses at the beach in Bunbury, Western Australia.

Paul Goff had been surfing the waves when out of nowhere a four metre-long great white burst up from the water beneath him and sent him flying. He scrambled 80m towards the shore and was helped out of the water by others who rushed to his aid.

"That was the biggest thing I've ever seen," says a breathless voice as the camera films. "That was a f*****g great white, man."

The footage was posted to Facebook by Dreg Surf Photography. Goff, a father of three, was interviewed by 7 News Perth about the incident, which left shark bite marks in his board.

"It hit from under the water," Goff said. "That knocked me up into the air, sent my body back towards the beach, the board towards the ocean. The shark came up between me and the board...I let go of my bodyboard, turned and started coming towards the beach."

He added: "I was only in two metres of water. I saw nothing before I got hit."

Owen Griffin, who was on the scene to help Goff, said "he was in so much shock he couldn't even walk".

shark attack western australia
The moment after Paul Goff had been dragged from the water from an attack by a great white shark in Western Australia 7 News Perth/Dreg Surf Photography