The former girlfriend of Australian rugby league star Bryce Cartwright has been found dead in her home. The body of a 25-year-old woman, believed to be Brittany Hura, was found in a house in west Sydney on Monday (31 July) night.

Authorities said a post-mortem examination will be conducted to determine the victim's cause of death.

Hura was at the centre of a revenge porn scandal involving Cartwright. Her suspected death comes seven months after she leaked revenge porn of the rugby player, who plays for the Penrith Panthers, and threatened to kill him.

During the case, Hura was charged with stalking and using a cell service to menace, reported. The charges were later dismissed on mental health grounds.

Hura reportedly posted photos of Cartwright naked and suggested he "can't pleasure a girl," it was revealed in December. The rugby league star had been in a relationship with Hura for six years when the screenshots of explicit text messages a photos were posted on social media, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The two were rumoured to have broken up over another woman. Last year, Hura posted an expletive-filled video in which she threatened to kill her ex-boyfriend.

"You think I'm laughing because I'm mentally f***ed up?" she said. "I'm not mentally f***ed up, I'm just laughing at're going to be dead soon. In the grave...six feet don't even know what's coming at you. You can't even pleasure a girl...all you have to do is throw money at them. Bro you're gone...chick chick pew."

In December, Hura posted a photo on social media of a tattoo that read "RIP" under an older tattoo of the name "Bryce".

Hura's attorney, Paul Cramer, told the Daily Mail Australia: "It's absolutely devastating and's tragic. I've known her for quite some time before she was my client, I worked with her in a bar for a few years. My condolences to her family."

The 22-year-old player has not commented on Hura's death, but his cousin Bronte Cartwright told the Daily Mail Australia that news of her death was "very, very sad".

"I didn't know her all that well except from family occasions, but she was a part of the family at one point so it's very, very sad," she said. "Even with everything that happened between (her) and my cousin Bryce, she's still a person."

Hura's aunt, Lea Kelz Tiepa, said she would keep the public informed on funeral arrangements.