Police have closed the area around the vacant lot where the siege is taking place Getty

A hostage situation has developed in Western Australia as one man, who is believed to have strapped explosives to his body, has taken at least one person hostage.

The man has apparently erected a sign near the park where he is holding the hostage (or hostages) on which he is understood to have written demands.

Police, ambulance crews and fire fighters have reportedly rushed to the scene in Bunbury, 170km south-west of Perth.

  • Man reportedly armed with explosives has taken a hostage in a siege
  • Police in Australia are describing the situation as a siege
  • Army and armed police currently at scene
  • Police confirm they know the identity of the man at the centre of the siege

After several hours, police have still yet to resolve the hostage situation in Bunbury. Follow the IB Times UK for further updates as they happen.


Eyewitnesses have described the suspect as a middle aged man wearing a black hooded top. There is no information about who the hostage is currently.


Update from an ABC reporter in Australia:


Police are reportedly not forcing people to evacuate their homes as they do not believe there are in danger. The ongoing hostage situation has now been going on for around five hours.


Western Australia Police have issued an update on the siege. A spokesperson wrote on Twitter:

Police can confirm that they are currently dealing with a hostage situation in Bunbury. Concerns are held for the safety of all persons.

Police are aware of the identity of the man at the centre of police attention

Police are well trained and equipped and are using all resources in an effort to resolve this situation peacefully.


Picture of the sign hung up at the siege of the scene. Still unclear what the Batty Archibald CCC report is.


Local media is reporting the sign currently used by the hostage taker reads: "Police release Batty Archibald CCC report."


ABC journalist Katrin Long has tweeted this picture of a sniper at the scene of the siege.


Bunbury Mail reports the hostage taker has stood up and is pacing near his victim, who is on the ground.


Police have made an official statement on the stand-off according to AAP.

WA Police spokesman Samuel Dinnison says police sealed off an area in Bunbury known as Koombana Bay on Thursday evening. "Members of the tactical response group are on the site and they are dealing with the situation."

Earlier media reports suggested the man may have explosives strapped to his body, but Mr Kinnison would not confirm if explosives or other substances were involved.

He asked the public to avoid the area until further notice.'


The ABC's Western Australia (WA) correspondent Nicole Asher has tweeted this picture of a heavily armoured vehicles arriving at the scene.


Journalists and members of the public are now being cleared from the area as heavily armed police arrive at the scene. The metropolitan-based police Tactical Response Group was dispatched to the scene roughly one hour ago.


This Google street view show the vacant lot close to where the hostage situation is developing.

Police are now reportedly expanding their exclusion zone around the area as the stand-off continues.

Bunbury vacant lot
Image shows the vacant land where the situation is said to be taking place Google


Police are diverting traffic and pedestrians away from the area close to Bunbury's main thoroughfare where the hostage situation is taking place.

police australia
Police are diverting traffic and pedestrians away from the area close to Bunbury\'s main thoroughfare where the hostage situation is taking place Getty


Bunbury in Western Australia is located 170km south west of Perth.



Eliza Laschon, a reporter for GWN7News has tweeted this picture of police at the scene of what is now being described as a siege.


Bunbury Mail reporting dozens of police at the scene which the newspaper describes as being "on the banks of the Leschenault Inlet near the Bunbury CBD"


The Bunbury Mail is reporting a sniper is locked on to the hostage taker who has explosives strapped to his body.

The man is reported to be middle aged and sitting cross legged next to a hostage, who is younger and is lying on the ground.


The ABC's Western Australia (WA) correspondent Nicole Asher has tweeted this picture of the scene. The sign showing the hostage taker's demands can be seen although it is difficult to make out what is written.