Georgie Purcell
Georgie Purcell was elected as the Animal Justice Party Member of the Legislative Council for Northern Victoria in 2022. Image/

An Australian news channel is being called out for using a doctored image of Victorian MP Georgie Purcell in a broadcast.

The matter came to light after the MP took to social media platform Twitter (now called X) to share her disappointment and disbelief over its use.

"[H]aving my body and outfit photoshopped by a media outlet was not on my bingo card. Note the enlarged boobs and outfit to be made more revealing," she tweeted and asked if something like this would ever be done to a male MP.

The photo was shown on Channel Nine's news bulletin after Purcell slammed the government for not allowing a ban on duck hunting. The channel was forced to issue an apology following an outrage over the incident. It claimed that "automation by Photoshop," was to be blamed for the alleged mishap.

"This did not meet the high editorial standards we have," said Nine News Melbourne chief Hugh Nailon.

However, Adobe dismissed the claims made by the news channel that Photoshop's AI was responsible for this. The company said that the change to the picture could not have been made without human intervention.

Purcell did accept Channel Nine's apology but remains sceptical about the explanation given by the news channel.

"This is not just some random person on the internet. This is a organisation with a lot of staff and a lot of resources that frankly should know better," The Independent quoted her as saying.

She said that her past was being "weaponised against her" because she used to work as a stripper to support herself through college. "[They are] criticising me, telling me to get back on the pole, like weaponising it against me," she said.

Several people came out in Purcell's support and slammed the channel for its sexist behaviour. Some even suggested that the MP should take legal action against the news channel.

"Georgie has come a long way. She's street smart and wears her heart on the sleeve. Gaslighting her won't stop the fire in her belly," a Twitter user commented.

Another said: "She's right, there's no way Nine didn't vet this and still put it out. She's wrong about her broader feminist talking points though".

"Shame on ninenews. This sends a disgusting message to women that extends beyond Purcell that if we aspire to be leaders, we can expect to be treated with contempt, disrespect and media manipulation," wrote another user.