Andy Murray
Andy Murray has revealed his thoughts on the match-fixing scandal Getty Images

Andy Murray harbours his own suspicions about match-fixing in tennis. The British number one has admitted he has watched some matches and questioned their integrity.

The 28-year-old, who beat German teenager Alexander Zverev in the first round of the Australian Open on 19 January, has revealed he has reviewed specific matches that have been brought to his attention. "I've heard about certain matches where something might have been going on. I've watched them and watched replays of them," he said, according to the Daily Mail.

"As a player, I've thought, 'That doesn't look right'. Because as players we can see if something is going wrong."

The Scot admitted more could be done to tackle the problem within the sport, although in some senses, he considers the latest round of match-fixing allegations to be a positive step. Murray suggested it could prompt tennis authorities to take a more proactive approach to the issue.

"I was already aware of some of the stuff I read but not of other things," he said. "Stories like this, although they're tough for sports... it does sort of force them to react and maybe do more about it, and invest more in this and doping programmes and stuff. It's hard for a sport when you don't necessarily want to hear about it being involved like this, but it can be positive in some ways if they react properly."

The grand slam-winning star also stressed that the problem of match-fixing was not specific to tennis. However, he insisted the onus is on the game's authorities to combat the issue.

"I imagine betting companies are pretty aware of everything that's going on, and they know when they see something that's not quite right. But then having enough evidence to prosecute, from what I'm told, is very difficult. I don't think that they would be lying for the sake of it," he said.

"No sports are clean of doping and none are clean of fixing. And it's not just sport, it's life in general. People cheat in other jobs and people do it in relationships. As a player, I can't ban people. It's up to the authorities to do something. And you just want to make sure that the right things are being done."