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Avengers: Age of Ultron Marvel

Several rumours and theories around the storyline of Avengers: Age of Ultron are circulating the web. Here's another plot related theory that introduces Hercules to the superhero team.

Moviepilot has posted a report, "expanding on one of the ideas" where Hercules, a fairly popular Marvel character, joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is how his introduction in the film could play out, as per the website:

Hulk vs Hercules

"Similar to the first Avengers, Hulk gets chucked into some random location. But this is no mere random location. This is the Parthenon, in Greece. Hulk begins going on a rage-fueled rampage through the area, and many Greeks begin praying for some sort of savior.

Enter Hercules. Hercules and the Green Goliath get into fierce battle, and Hercules finally temporarily subdues Hulk when he reverts back to Banner. The Avengers reacquire Dr. Banner, and seeing the destruction he has caused, boot him off to space."

This very roughly sketched theory also gives way for a Planet Hulk movie – a solo Hulk film which is rumoured to be in development.

We already know, based on the film's recently released official synopsis, that the film will have various setting across the globe. So, it's possible, Greece could be one of the locations. Also, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo has previously teased a major 'Hulk surprise' in the film.

Well, we'll just have to wait and watch how the plot of Avengers 2 unfolds when the film hits theatres on May 1, 2015.