Avicii tour 2016
Swedish DJ Avicii has announced he is retiring from performing live shows after his 2016 run. Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Swedish DJ superstar Avicii is set to play his final show at Ushuaïa hotel in Ibiza on Sunday, 28 August, before retiring aged 26.

The closing set will mark an end to six hectic years in the spotlight for the producer, who helped elevate dance music to stratospheric mainstream success with tracks such as Levels, Hey Brother and Wake Me Up.

Earlier this week the dance star played his final string of UK shows, including Belfast's Boucher Playing Fields on 26 August and a headline set at Creamfields festival last night (27 August).

An original poster boy for EDM, the catch-all term given to the explosion of electronic dance music that began in the late 2000s, Avicii (real name Tim Bergling), announced his decision to quit the scene back in March, citing "personal reasons".

The announcement followed intensifying speculation over his health, particularly after the hitmaker was dramatically hospitalised with exhaustion and an infected gall bladder at Ultra Music Festival 2014.

Avicii has since explained his decision to quit from touring in a lengthy, personal letter to fans.

Writing following a road trip with old friends, he admitted there was "too little left for the life of a real person behind the artist" and that he needed a break to re-connect with the real world.

However, the Swede did not rule out producing new music, nor potentially returning to the stage in the distant future.

Read the statement in full below:

Reaction to the news has been generally positive and understanding, with Avicii's long-time friend, mentor, and fellow DJ Laidback Luke, revealing he had previously feared for the young star's health.

The dance music veteran singled out Avicii in an op-ed on the pressures of DJ life for Billboard.

"Tim and his team have been kind enough to book me at his Ushuaïa Hotel parties in Ibiza, most recently in August 2015. He looked terrible. He gave me a very sincere but oh-so-tired smile when he saw me," explained Luke.

"At that moment, I envisioned my friend, now 26, joining the infamous '27 Club' of music and film stars who died at that age. It sounds horrible but it's the truth, and I can't take back the overwhelming sense of frustration I felt.

"Thus, I was very relieved by his announcement on March 29 that he's ­retiring from touring. Not only was it a brave decision — to walk away from the light, in both figurative and literal senses — but it also shows how much he has grown up. He has decided to focus on ­producing: That's where he started, and it's what makes him happy," he continued.

Despite retiring at such a young age, Avicii leaves behind an incredible trail of success, amassing two number one singles and eight top 10 hits in the UK alone, alongside an estimated fortune of $85m (£64m).