avocado engagements
Avocado engagements are now a thing. Instagram screenshot/mindful_af

While many couples who choose to get married have quirky or unusual stories behind their engagement, a new trend in proposals has put them all to shame.

It seems a few young people are choosing to present rings to their prospective marriage partners not in a beautiful black velvet box as is seen in the movies, but in an avocado.

A few examples of this unusual act have gained attention on social media. One story was of a yogi named Taylor Selby, who shared a photo of her boyfriend popping the question with an avocado last year.

Another was a woman tucking into an avocado before being surprised with her boyfriend dropping down on one knee.

Whatever the circumstances, one thing is clear - the internet is opinionated on it.

Many people shared their frustrations at this potential relationship trend online.

One person reacted to the news with: "No. In fact, I think it signals the end of the world."


One person asked a fair question about how it works.

Not everyone was against it. One person said: "[sic] I don't want to get married but IF I did I'd want the proposal to be really out there so an avocado would maybe be good. Or something dinosaur-based."

Another said: "I would very much like my proposal to be with an avocado."

Another said: "[sic] to be honest an avocado proposal doesn't sound all that bad. Can I eat it after?"