An American doctor has developed a new technique to stop a baby crying in seconds. Dr Robert Hamilton, from Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California, has released a video on YouTube that shows his new "hold" to soothe newborns.

"One of the challenges that paediatricians have is trying to communicate clear and precise information to their parents, a lot of times over a baby who is crying very, very loud," Dr Hamilton said. "I have utilised a technique that I call 'the hold' over the years which is very helpful in calming children and keeping them quiet."

Crying baby hold
Dr Hamilton developed \'the hold\' to calm crying babies Pacific Ocean Pediatrics

The technique in the video shows parents that by folding the baby's arms across their chest, holding them by their bottom at a 45-degree angle and gently rocking them, it can stop them crying within seconds. The video has since gone viral, being viewed more than 5m times just days after being released.