Bachelor in Paradise 2019 finale featured first-ever same-sex couple engagement of the long-running franchise. Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty created history on the finale of the sixth season of the Bachelor spin-off.

"Bachelor in Paradise", a reality television dating series, brings together contestants from previously featured "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette", and give them a second chance at finding true love.

Set in beautiful locations and romantic paradise, the contenders spend weeks together getting to know each other on romantic dates and exploring the potential of their relationships as a couple. Season 6 saw some amazing dynamics between the men and the women on the island. There were drama, controversies, tears, romance and shocking breakups.

BIP season 6 aired its finale Tuesday, and it ended with Burnett and Haggerty professing their love for each other and getting engaged on a Mexican beach. The franchise has so far aired more than 40 seasons ever since it launched in the year 2002. This was the first time they featured a love story of a same-sex couple.

Talk about a beautiful moment with @demi_burnett and Kristian! 😍 #BachelorInParadise @neillane

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"I never knew that someone could be that patient. There were a lot of things that came between us, mostly myself and my own struggles. Like you said, I came here to find myself. But I found myself in you," Burnett told Haggerty as she went down on her knee to propose to her beau at the finale.

The couple returned for the much-anticipated cast reunion at the BIP studios. They told the show host Chris Harrison and Bachelor Nation fans that they are still engaged.

"I know it's a big deal that it was the first same-sex [engagement] on this franchise in the U.S., but we weren't thinking of the significance of that at the time," Burnett told The Hollywood Reporter after the show. "It was just about us loving each other and that's really what the focus was."

Many think that this was a turnaround moment for the franchise that has often come under fire for its approach. According to New York Times, the show has been criticised for not casting people of colour in the past.

Haggerty, 27, is a commercial and music video producer from Los Angeles. She was a newcomer to the "Bachelor Nation" and arrived in Week 3. Meanwhile, Burnett, 24, is an interior designer from Dallas and did explore her chances with the leading man of "The Bachelor" Season 23 Colton Underwood.

Upon her arrival in BIP season 6, she paired up with contestant Derek Peth at first. It wasn't too long before she confessed on one of her one-on-one interviews that her heart belongs to Haggerty. Fans were surprised to know that she had been dating Haggerty before entering the show.

Speaking to THR, Chris Harrison revealed that when they learned about what Burnett wanted, they were ready to curve the traditional format of the show. Nevertheless, it was reportedly a "big decision" because it involved someone (Haggerty) who has never been a part of the franchise.

"When this situation presented itself to us with somebody we really love and care about in Demi, I think our initial instinct was the right one: 'Let's lean into it. Let's go there. Let's explore this,'" he said. "It was a pretty easy but big decision to go down that path with Demi, especially since it's with someone who is outside of our franchise and our family."

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Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin, and Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton are the other two couples who got engaged in Bachelor in Paradise season 6 finale. Meanwhile, Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar left fans in shock after a tear-jerking breakup.

Bachelor in Paradise will return next year with the seventh season.