Olivier Desbarres
Top Barclays trader in alleged construction site rant 1ststomp

A Barclays trader has been allegedly caught on camera threatening the lives of construction workers in Singapore.

Olivier Desbarres, Barclays Capital's Head of FX Strategy in Asia, is accused of going on a rampage outside his home and terrorizing workers early last month, The Times has reported.

In the video which has emerged online, a man that resembles the banker can be seen approaching the workers and screaming obscenities.

"I'm gonna go after you. I'm gonna burn your f**cking house down," he shouts.

"You have no respect. You know what? You're f**cking animals. Chinese f**cking animals... I have a life. I have a family. You break that, I will find your f**cking family. I can find it very easily - I'm a man with resources."

Dressed in shorts and sandals, he is then seen grabbing up a large sheet of zinc panel and hurling it into the construction pit, narrowly missing two workers.

Once he notices that he is being filmed he fiercely adds: "You're filming me? You think that's good? Put your f**cking phone down because I'm going to wait for you to come out and take that phone and shove it up your f**cking ass."

According to local reports, the man had become upset about the noise the construction work had been making in his Katong neighbourhood.

Desbarres has since left (or been let go from) Barclays, said the Business Insider.

Barclays has declined to comment on the incident.