Margaret Thatcher funeral round-up:

- Funeral went ahead as planned, without major disruption.

- Protestors turned their backs as her coffin went past but were outnumbered by mourners, who drowned out boos with cheers

- Over 2,000 people attended service, including the Queen, Prince Phillip, Henry Kissinger, Sarah Ferguson, Tony Blair and John Major

- George Osborne cried


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip leaving Thatcher's funeral.

Queen Elizabeth


Thatcher's family, including daughter Carol and granddaughter Amanda leave St Paul's.

Amanda Thatcher
Carol Thatcher


Ewan Palmer


The funeral service has now ended and the cortege is leaving St Paul's.


Police have detained a man who Phil Mackie on Twitter said was trying to organise a protest.

Phil Mackie


Full order of Thatcher's funeral service can be read here.

St Paul's
St Paul's Cathedral


Meanwhile some have taken their protests to other parts of London, with one person holding an anti-Thatcher plaque outside the Abbey Road studios.

Giles Long MBE
Giles Long MBE/Twitter


Inside St Paul's Thatcher's funeral service is going ahead, with the choir singing and George Osborne crying.

George Osborne


Silent protestors turn their back as Thatcher's coffin passes.



POLICE UPDATE: Three men were arrested last night over security fears for Thatcher's funeral.

A statement said: "At approx 21:20hrs on Tuesday 16 April three men were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and being in possession of articles likely to be used to commit criminal damage in Threadneedle Street, EC2."

The men, aged, 26, 48 and 55, were taken to a police station in central London and they remain in custody.


South Yorkshire: An anti-Thatcher effigy outside the 'Comrades' club in Goldthorpe.

Andy Kershaw
Andy Kershaw/Twitter


Funeral guests: Mark Thatcher and wife Sarah, David and Samantha Cameron, Thatcher's former press secretary Bernard Ingham and former MP Michael Heseltine.



Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, 89, attends Thatcher's funeral.

Henry Kissinger


Thatcher's coffin has now arrived at St Paul's for the service.


Social media users are reporting missiles being thrown at horses.


Wall Street Journal banking editor David Enrich said there was "somber silence" as the coffin passed "then a wave of polite British applause".

David Enrich
David Enrich/Twitter


The Queen and Prince Phillip have arrived at St Paul's for Thatcher's funeral.

The national anthem strikes up to mass applause as the Queen arrives at St Paul's Cathedral for Margaret #Thatcher's funeral.

— Tom Barton (@TomBartonJourno) April 17, 2013

One of the few times I've seen the Queen smile and its at Thatchers funeral, interesting — Nikki Oliver (@NikkiSiobhan96) April 17, 2013

Nice to see The Queen smiling.

— Chris Hornby (@ChrisHornby) April 17, 2013

10.41 Crowds cheering as Thatcher's ceremonial cortege starts.

A handful of boos drowned out by cheers as baroness thatcher's cortege starts the journey to st pauls — simon israel (@simonisrael) April 17, 2013

10.33 Simon Weston, the British Army war veteran who became known for his charity work following severe burn injuries during the Falklands War, has arrived for Thatcher's funeral. Her coffin has now been placed on the gun carriage to be taken to St Paul's.

Simon Weston

10.26 Ian Dunt, editor of, commenting on the atmosphere.

Strange mood today. The result of a disconnect between the excessive pomp and a lack of public support. — Ian Dunt (@IanDunt) April 17, 2013

10.24 Sarah Ferguson appears to have found her seat inside St Paul's as more of the 2,000+ attendees arive.

Sarah Ferguson

10.12 A man holds a banner supporting Thatcher as her coffin is placed in St Clement's Danes Church by civilian pall bearers.


10.00 Protestors have started to chant outside Ludgate Circus, which is on route to St Paul's

"Waste of money": members of the crowd chant as the band passes Ludgate Circus #thatcherfuneral — Matt Morlidge (@MattMorlidge) April 17, 2013

Ludgate circus
Kevin Rawlinson/Twitter

09.57 Police stand guard on the empty streets outside the Houses of Parliament.


09.53 Anti-Thatcher attendee holds a copy of the Socialist Worker, which was condemned for celebrating the 87-year-old's death. In response, the publication said: "The miners, the print workers, the LGBT people who lived under section 28, the soldiers sent to the Malvinas, those who rioted against racism or the poll tax, and everyone who knew what it was to live in poverty in the 1980s had those memories brought back when Thatcher finally died. "We're proud to be associated with working class people's hatred of Thatcher. We want to remind David Cameron how much the Tories are despised-and that even the toughest can be brought down in tears."

socialist worker
(pic Ewan Palmer)

09.51 The gun procession has started. Pedestrian crossings have now been closed along the route. 09.46 Chancellor George Osborne arrives

NEWS: Members of the cabinet and chancellor George Osborne arrive at St Pauls #thatcherfuneral — Rory Smith (@roryesmith) April 17, 2013

09.35 There will be no eulogy for Thatcher at the service in St Paul's Cathedral today. Speaking to the Guardian about today's funeral, the Dean of St Paul's, Very Reverend Dr David Ison, said: "There is a lot of controversy about it, yes. But, if the text of the service, which was planned in conjunction with Thatcher herself and her family, was examined, by and large it anticipates some of the criticisms that people might make. "So there is no tribute. There is no eulogy, and that was Mrs Thatcher's decision. It's not being triumphalist. It's not a celebration of her life and her achievements. "It is very much a service of commending her in God's love and mercy, bearing in mind that she, like all of us, is human, and will have fallen short of her own ideals, let alone in the way in which we fall short of other people's ideals." 09.24 Thatcher supporter Gloria Martin in tears awaiting the funeral procession to begin.


09.16 TFL says delays are expected in Central London as all road closures are now in place. 09.15 Thatcher fan in the crowd at Whitehall shows his dedication to the late prime minister.

Paraic O'Brien
Paraic O'Brien/Twitter

08.57 Mourners boo anti-Thatcher protestors at St Pauls

Anti-Thatcher protester being booed here at St Paul's for holding banner. Largely pro-Thatcher crowd at this stage. — Andrew Bailey (@bailsbails) April 17, 2013

Thatcher mourner


St Paul's
Crowds at St Paul's (Ewan Palmer)

Crowds are lining the streets at St Paul's Cathedral



Over 4,000 police officers will be on duty for the funeral today. Speaking about potential protests, Met Police Commander Christine Jones said: "The right to conduct peaceful protest is a tenet of our democracy, however that right is qualified in that protest does not stray into acts of crime or violence or the instigation of crime or violence.

"We have been approached by a small number of people planning to protest. We are working with them, and would ask anyone who plans to protest to come forward and speak with us today.

"We will continue to review our intelligence and evidence picture, and although to date no arrests connected to the Ceremonial Funeral have yet been made, should the need arise to arrest those who are committing acts of crime or violence, or conspiring to do so, we will respond accordingly."


Prime Minister David Cameron asks potential protestors to "show respect" at today's funeral on Radio 4. He reflects on her legacy, saying "we are all Thatcherites now".


Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher (Reuters) Reuters

The funeral procession for Margaret Thatcher will start at the chapel of St Mary Undercroft at 10am, when her coffin will be taken in a hearse to St Clement Danes church.


Ok, here we go, a day which is sure to be historic, no matter what happens. Will the protests planned on social networks come to pass? Or will the huge police presence manage to maintain order? Whatever transpires, IBTimes UK will provide blow-by-blow coverage.