Ben Affleck as Batman and the new Batmobile
Ben Affleck as Batman standing next to the new batmobile ZackSnyder/twitter

Warner Bros reportedly want Affleck on board as Batman for the long run. Latest reports suggest that the studio wants to offer him three standalone Batman films, according to Den of Geek.

This decision apparently came after Warner bosses saw an early cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice at a recently held special screening.

A cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was screened for the film's crew and Warner bosses. "It's a near finished cut but not locked," a source told Den of Geek.

"That screening was, we're told, a glowing success - to the point where Zack Snyder's movie received a 'standing ovation'," stated the website.

According to the report, the senior executives at WB were so impressed with Affleck's portrayal of The Dark Knight that they offered him a "golden deal", which could see the actor play Batman in a trilogy of stand-alone movies (in addition to Dawn Of Justice, the Justice League films and the solo Batman film which he's already signed on for). This deal could see Affleck in the role of Batman for the next 10 years or so.

"Basically, Warners are now working their movie universe around Ben's Batman," the source stated.

Affleck's Batman will also reportedly become the cornerstone of DC's other movies, with one Warner boss reportedly calling Affleck the "definitive Batman".