Actor Dan Amboyer from the television show "William & Catherine: A Royal Romance" takes part in a panel discussion during the Hallmark Channel portion of the Press Tour for the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills, California
Actor Dan Amboyer will be seen in Dawn of Justice next Reuters

Fans have been wondering about Green Lantern's inclusion in Batman v Superman — it has been a closely guarded secret so far but looks like there's been an awakening on that front. Lesser known actor Dan Amboyer is part of the Batman v Superman cast and judging by his recent interview, there's a strong chance he could be playing the final Justice League member.

During an interview with PopSugar, Amboyer was asked if the film has other cameos in addition to Wonder Woman and Doomsday, to which he replied: "It's hard for me to keep up with what's officially been announced, but yes, there are some other possibilities."

The actor maintained the same level of secrecy when asked to share some details about his scenes in Batman v Superman. "I don't know what I can say that's not spoilery. So, let's just say, I filmed good ones."

Incidentally, this is not Amboyer first brush with a (rumoured) superhero role. Reportedly, he auditioned for the role of Superman in Man of Steel and then also for the movie version of Flash. "I've constantly been coming back to these characters," he stated.

Amboyer also revealed that his name in the movie is used for undercover work (which obviously may mean he has a different name): "Oh, yes. It does appear, but it's kind of an undercover thing. The name appears on me at one point."

So far, Jason Momoa's Aquaman, Ezra Miller's Flash and Ray Fisher's Cyborg have been pretty much confirmed to cameo in the film. Till now, it was uncertain whether The Green Lantern or Green Lantern Corps will show up in the movie as well. But now, fans have some indication that Amboyer may fill that void.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theatres on 25 March 2016.