While the initial buzz about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is currently in post-production phase, has been positive, new rumours suggest Warner Bros wants Zack Snyder to increase Batman's screen time in the final print. A few weeks ago, reports had surfaced about a special screening of Batman v Superman for Warner Bros, where the studio bosses were so pleased with Ben Affleck's Batman that they immediately green-lit three solo films on the Dark Knight.

It was even said that WB was looking at Batman to be the centre of their DC Cinematic Universe. Now Heroic Hollywood reports that WB wants to beef up the Bat's role, possibly at the expense of Henry Cavill's Superman. "...Warners is requesting more Batman be put into the movie and less Superman. Supposedly, Ben Affleck's Batman is so good that he is blowing Henry Cavill's Superman right off the screen," states the online report.

While this is only a rumour, it doesn't come as a surprise, considering the popularity Batman enjoys over Superman. Besides, Warner's Man of Steel also did not get the kind of numbers it was hoping for, making it quite clear that Superman, despite being one of DC's prime property, is no longer a big box office draw.

Incidentally, Cavill also explained, in an earlier interview, that Batman v Superman will focus more on the Dark Knight. "It's more of an introduction to Batman, an opening to Justice League," he told Entertainment Weekly. The actor added, "People like the darker vigilante. I think it speaks to the human psyche more easily rather than the god-like being that we can't really understand."