A BBC journalist was shouted down after he attempted to quiz Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn about his position on the Syrian civil war at a press conference in central London on Tuesday (11 April).

The incident occurred after Corbyn promised to crackdown on big companies making late payments at a Federation of Small Businesses event

Reporter Mark Lobel was only able to ask "do you agree with Theresa May..." until he was interrupted by audience members.

Corbyn said he would respond to questions about Syria after the press conference.

"Look, I'm really sorry this is a Federation of Small Businesses conference. I'm very happy to do an interview with you after this has finished about Syria, my media team have made that very clear to you. Is that OK?" Corbyn said.

But Lobel denied that Corbyn's spokespeople had set such conditions. "It's not what we've been told by your media team, but I'll ask on business," he said.

An audience member reportedly shouted "f*****g hell" later during the question and answer session when Daily Mirror reporter Ben Glaze asked Corbyn about the Conservatives' large opinion poll lead.