Police in Belgium
Europe is on high alert as fears grow about further terror attacks Reuters

A bomb threat has been reported at the Saint-André school in Charleroi, Belgium.

Around 2,000 students, professors and personnel were evacuated after an anonymous phone call warned that explosives had been placed in the school.

The incident came a day after a man in camouflage was arrested near the European Parliament in Brussels. Police found a gun and a chainsaw in his car, according to reports. The man, reportedly from Slovakia, asked to meet the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz. Police then cordoned off his car and detained him.

Belgium has stepped up its anti-terror security operations since the deadly attack in Paris which left 17 people dead.

Two suspected terrorists, Abu Khalid Al Maghribi and Abu Hamza Belgiki, were shot dead in raids in the Walloon city of Verviers.

Patrols guarding Jewish schools and embassies have been stepped up across the country this weekend and Belgium's terror threat is at its second highest level.

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