Ben Fogle and Kirstie Allsopp
Ben Fogle and Kirstie Allsopp help launch The Big Scoop (

Ben Fogle and Kristie Allsopp have joined a campaign to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pet. Dogs Trust and Keep Britain Tidy will launch The Big Scoop on Friday (14 June) with events across the country.

Fogle, a wildlife enthusiast and broadcaster, said dog owners should realise that thousands of pounds were spent every year keeping public areas free of dog excrement.

"This could all be so much easier if dog owners remembered the simple message to Bag it, Bin it," he said.

"Sadly it's becoming a recurring sight to see bags of dog mess hanging from tree branches, fences, gates, basically anywhere but in a bin. It's a two-step process and one which all dog owners need to be on board with. After all we all know that the Dog Poo Fairy doesn't exist!"

The problem with dog fouling has risen for the first time in 10 years, the Local Environmental Quality Survey of England said.

Dogs Trust also found that 64% of people think dog mess is the most offensive litter item, with 96% of people saying they had trodden in it.

Dog walker
96% of people say they have trodden in dog poo (

A further 30% of people said they would pick up another dog's mess and 60% would make a point of telling the owner they had not cleaned up after their pet.

TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp said: "As a mother, I don't want my children having to dodge the piles of dog mess when playing but the responsibility to pick it up shouldn't be with me.

"If I see a dog owner who has allowed their pet to do his business and then attempt to walk away it infuriates me. I would advise people to remain calm and if you have a spare bag offer this.

"Resist the urge to get angry and don't approach anyone unless you feel confident to do so. If we all work together on campaigns such as The Big Scoop we can reap the benefits of clean and tidy streets and green spaces."

The Big Scoop will see children, councils and park wardens working to raise awareness about responsible ownership, with free poo bags supplied at specially organised events.

Speaking about the problem of dog mess, Andrew Gwynne, Labour MP for Denton and Reddish said it is not just the problem of dog mess on the streets: "Bags of dog mess [are] being thrown into bushes and trees. It would seem that some dog owners have got the 'bag it' half of the message, but not the 'bin it' part."

Justin Tomlinson, Conservative MP for North Swindon, added: "It is clear that it only takes a few selfish dog owners to ruin an area. The vast majority are responsible which makes it even more infuriating."