MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Trading Signals is a social trading service, which is already popular among thousands of investors and active traders.

Each of the 7 million traders may subscribe to the signals of successful providers, which can result in additional profit.

It is impossible to find a broader market of potential subscribers in Forex nowadays.

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Any trader can become a signals provider. It is really quite simple.

The service is built in such a way that automated work of signals providers simplifies the process to the best possible extent.

Firstly, the service contains special MetaTrader signal servers, which obtain information on trader's deals and distribute trading signals to all his or her subscribers with minimum delay. Thus, trading operations are copied automatically without the participation of a signals provider.

Secondly, signals providers have to specify only three parameters to publish their signals and gain access to the large market of subscribers: broker's server, account number and investor password. No additional data is required for a signal.

Thirdly, subscription and payment acceptance are also very simple and do not require signals provider's intervention. The service interacts with customers on its own, allowing them to subscribe to a signal in a couple of clicks.

The payments are transferred to signals providers (minus 20% of MetaQuotes commission) via payment system. The only thing signals providers have to do is to withdraw received subscription fees via PayPal or Webmoney.

Take a little time and publish your signals to gain access to 7 million potential customers.

It is easy and profitable.

How to Become a Signals Provider in MetaTrader?

It is quite easy to become a signals provider for MetaTrader.

First of all, you need a valid account on web site. If you do not have one, registration will take less than a minute.

Then, you should fill an application to receive a Seller status and learn the rules of the service. After all the data is examined manually and your application is approved, you will be able to publish your trading signals.

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It does not take a long time to publish a signal in the service.

Just specify the broker's server, trading account number and investor password to it. This data will allow the service to connect to trader's account in read-only mode and broadcast the deals to all subscribers. The signals are delivered via resilient cloud network of the service.

It consists of multiple signal servers all over the world, which are located near brokers' servers in order to reduce network delays. As mentioned above, the entire infrastructure has already been created.

All signals providers have to do is trade profitably.

Signals can be both paid and free. Providers can set a price for their signal at any time. But it should be noted that a paid signal becomes available to customers only after one month after being published at the service.

It is a test period meant to protect subscribers from apparently unprofitable signals. To complete the test period successfully, the signal should perform at least five trades without trading account's drawdown exceeding 70%.

Please note that publication of free signals does not require passing a test period and receiving a Seller status. In this case, the service will be used as a common tool for monitoring the accounts available for subscription.

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So, after publication, trading signals are automatically published in Signals section of and displayed in traders' terminals.

From now on, any trader can subscribe to them in a couple of clicks. Subscription fee can be paid in any convenient manner via the payment system implemented in web site. Signals providers also use this system to withdraw earned funds using WebMoney or PayPal.

Commission of 20% per each sold subscription is charged for the use of Signals service and access to the entire community of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 traders.

There are no hidden fees and no commission from the traded volume of the deals performed while following the signals. Thus, signals providers receive fixed monthly fees from all their subscribers with no extra effort.

All statistics and history of payments for signals are available via provider's personal area on web site. You can edit description of your signal, send news to your customers and communicate with them.

Customers are automatically notified of all news and updates.

Moreover, you can set sending notifications to your mobile phone. Thus, the customers always stay tuned to all things concerning their subscriptions, while signals providers receive feedback from their subscribers.

Finally, we should point out the main thing - the work of providers with their signals is organized to the maximum possible extent. They can publish their trading signals and broadcast it to all MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 users with no extra effort.

Subscription, broadcasting the signals and following them are completely automated. As a result, traders can receive considerable extra profit without any distraction from their usual day-to-day trading activity.

Publish your signals and start making additional profit right now.