Bang and Olufsen has unveiled the BeoVision Avant, a television with a twist that sets itself apart from a crowded market through its ability to move - though it will set you back almost £6,000.

The Danish high-end audio-visual manufacturer has set out to solve what it believes to be the many struggles people have with their televisions in a constantly evolving digital world, one of these apparently being the inability to move the position of your television by remote-control.

"The way people live has changed and so has the living room," Marie-Kristine Schmidt, corporate vice president of Bang and Olufsen, said at the launch event in London on Thursday.

"The living room, kitchen and dining room have merged into a kind of multi-function room that we believe technology should never overpower."

'Movement with purpose'

bang and olufsen screen beovision

The BeoVision Avant can be placed on a stand or wall-mounted onto a bracket that allows the user to adjust the set's position and reconfigure the speaker settings depending on where they are in the room.

"(The stand) allows the television come to you, rather than you come to it," Schmidt said. "We call it 'movement with purpose.'"

The BeoVision Avant comes with an integrated speaker unit that emerges and unfolds from the base of the screen when the television is turned on. The movement is intended to make the set as discrete as possible when not in use.

"Our research shows that consumers want more and more from their televisions," said Bang and Olufsen CEO Tue Mantoni.

"People are pressed for time, and they want entertainment that just works so they can focus on it - and each other - rather than the technology itself. BeoVision Avant delivers on all counts."

Spectacular sound and audio

Compared to the typical flatscreen TV speakers, the audio capabilities of the BeoVision Avant are unsurprisingly exceptional, utilising eight inbuilt driver units with dedicated amplifiers. To make use of the spacial sound settings, however, the television requires external speakers scattered around the room.

The adaptive contrast feature means the ultra high-definition (4k) screen can change its contrast depending on light levels in the room, while the new Chromatic Room Adaptation feature adjusts the screen to compensate for the room's colour tones.

One Remote

The remote control, known as the BeoRemote One, allows the user to control any linked device without need for any other remote controls.

Bang and olufson remote

Additionally, the 'MyButton' feature enables the user to create up to three personalised settings that specify the volume, channel and positioning of the TV.

'Setting the standard'

Bang and Olufsen believes its latest smart television will be its most iconic product since the BeoSound 9000 six disc CD player that launched over a decade ago.

"We believe the new BeoVision Avant will set the standard for what should be expected from a television in the future," Mantoni said.

However, its £5,995 pricetag for the television alone (the stands are an additional £695 apiece) will mean that if it does acieve an iconic status, it will only be among those that can afford it.