Radical preacher Sheik Abdel Moez al-Eila Germany Berlin
Radical preacher Sheik Abdel Moez al-Eila YouTube

A Muslim preacher sparked outrage in Germany for telling a Berlin mosque women have no right to refuse sex to their husbands, who in turn can make use of their wives' bodies in any way they please.

Sheik Abdel Moez al-Eila also claimed women should not work or move freely without their husbands' consent, as part of a misogynistic sermon he delivered at the infamous Al-Nur mosque, which has been linked to radical Islamic teachings the past.

"A wife is not allowed to say 'no' under any pretext," al-Eila told worshippers.

"Even when a woman has her period, there is nothing to prevent her husband from using her body for pleasure so long as he avoids the vagina... She puts a loin cloth on her vagina, and he can go on enjoying her body."

The Imam delivered his speech at the end of January but it came to national attention in February after a video with an English translation of it was posted online by US monitoring group Memri.

"A woman must not get a job without her husband's permission. If he allows her to get a job, it is because he was lenient with her, because in principle, a woman should be confined to her husband's home," the Egyptian Imam, who was a visiting preacher at the Berlin mosque, was quoted as saying.

"A woman should be confined to the home and should dedicate her time and efforts to taking care of her children and her husband. She should cook, sweep the floor, tidy up the place and take care of her husband, sons and daughters."

Berlin councillor Frank Henkel, from Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling CDU party, said he was disgusted by the sermon and urged the German Muslim community to speak out and distance itself from the preacher.

Al-Eila's speech was swiftly seized upon by xenophobes as evidence of what they claim is the ongoing Islamisation of Germany.

"There is no Islamisation", anti-Islam Pegida group wrote on Facebook, adding a winking smile and a link to an article on the sermon.

The Al-Nur mosque has grown a dubious reputation for hosting controversial radical preachers.

In July 2014, it hosted a Danish Imam that called for Muslims to take up arms against Israel and the killing of Jews, The Local reported. German rapper-turned jihadist Deso Dogg was also said to be a regular attendee.