Better call Saul finale
The Better Call Saul finale will air on 6 April on AMC AMC

Better Call Saul comes to an end on 6 April with its season 1 finale episode titled Marco.

Episode 9 has set up a number of potential plot threads for episode 10, and an eventual downfall for Jimmy as he starts to look towards the Saul Goodman horizon.

The official synopsis reads: "In the aftermath of recent events, Jimmy seizes an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend. Chuck adjusts to a new way of life."

In Pimento, Jimmy is betrayed by his brother Chuck. It turns out that the lawyer Jimmy's biggest obstacle at HHM is actually his own brother, and this shocks him to the core.

When Jimmy confronts Chuck about his betrayal, Chuck lashes out and wounds his younger brother, telling him that he is not cut out to be a lawyer. "You're not a real lawyer! Slippin' Jimmy with a law degree is like a chimp with a machine gun."

It was a devastating development for the man who becomes the ruthless Saul Goodman and takes even the show's writers by surprise.

"When we started the show and thought about Chuck, he was somebody who was fundamentally helpless at the moment," executive producer Peter Gould told Entertainment Weekly.

"He was somebody who Jimmy had to take care of. And part of the reason we loved it was because it humanized Jimmy. We thought the connection between the two brothers gave us an insight into Jimmy's heart, to understand how and why he became a lawyer.. He's also a guy with a lot of pride. And as we were working our way through the season, we started talking about how Chuck really feels about Jimmy.

Part of the reason Jimmy's always gotten into trouble is because he could never equal Chuck," Gould continued.

"Chuck was always the good brother. But from his point of view, Jimmy was the one who got all the attention. Chuck, for all his ability and all his brains, really doesn't have the common touch. And we realized, and it came as a shock to us, that on some level, Chuck is jealous of Jimmy," he added.

If neither his friend Kim nor his own brother were willing to stand by him, what other choice does he have now but to stand for himself?

The finale's title indicates that Marco Salamanca (Luis Moncada), one of the two popular killers, also known as the Cousins in Breaking Bad, could be introduced in the finale.

Fans have already seen Marco's cousin Tuco, during the first two episodes of Better Call Saul. Jimmy continued working with Nacho on episode three but that is the last time fans have seen him on screen.

Also, in an interview with HitFix, showrunner Peter Gould teased twists and turns in the finale.

Gould said, "What happens in the last few episodes is there's some twists and turns, but it all grew out of our observations of who these characters are and what they're feeling. That's the best thing I could say. But I would say the last two episodes especially surprised us completely."

The season finale of Better Call Saul will air on 6 April at 10pm ET on AM.