Better Call Saul returns with an all new episode this Monday, 16 March at 10pm on AMC.

Episode 7 is titled Bingo, where things start to look better for Jimmy McGill.

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The official synopsis of Bingo reads as follows:

Jimmy meets with potential new clients. Then, when given the opportunity to do the right thing, he cashes in a favor from an unlikely ally.

The first season of AMC's Breaking Bad spinoff is already approaching the end of the first season, as only four episodes are remaining before the season finale is aired on 6 April.

So far, viewers have seen Jimmy branch out and launch his own legal consultancy firm, but the lawyer has fallen gone against local gangster Nacho Varga, who is out for revenge after the he inadvertently got the gangster arrested for his involvement in Kettleman's "kidnapping".

The promo of episode 7 shows Jimmy signing the lease papers of a fancy new premise.

The video shows Jimmy taking Kim on a tour around his new office space, which he says, "No longer smells of acetone."

He tells Kim that now he has room to grow, hinting at plans of expanding his legal empire.

In the previous episode, fans got a glimpse of Mike's (Jonathan Banks) backstory, and how he goes from being a Philadelphia cop to becoming a grizzled New Mexico criminal.

Jonathan Banks in an interview dished out on Mike's history and different sides of his character.

He told Variety, "I can tell you how I felt when I did it, which was incredibly lucky to have these scenes written by my writers who over the years have become my friends. They love the character of Mike, as do I. So then it became about trying to do my best job, try to do Mike justice. That's what I felt like. Do Mike justice because he's a great character and I'm lucky to be able to play him."

Banks also talks about adding an emotional side to Mike, ''I knew I had to be at the top of my game if I could get there... But I do know I walked in there with high expectations for myself about the way I come to it, and the way I come prepared, and what I do. There is no forgiveness in that and no excuse. I must be my very, very best. That may sound maudlin but that's exactly what I'm thinking.''

Check out the promo below: