Citi's chief executive Michael Corbat probably thought he could selflessly give up an hour or two of his time and rake in at least one million dollars for charity by auctioning off a dinner with him to the highest bidder.

However, after 22 bids on the website Charitybuzz, it was clear his 'worth' was a lot less than legendary investor Warren Buffett, who scored $2.16m (£1.3m, €1.6m) from a bidder who wanted lunch with the financial wizard.

A, anonymous user called 'metsgod' snapped up face and food time with the Wall Street boss Corbat for a 'paltry' $26,000. While drink and tip are included in the bid, Corbat gets to pick the restaurant, and it is doubtful he'll be splashing out on the champagne.

Even former US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner scored $50,000 from a bidder for a luncheon while one excited bidder paid $70,500 for former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke's time.

But the $26,000 raised for BYkids, a non-profit organisation that teaches young people how to make documentaries, shouldn't be sniffed at because the winning bid is still in the top 1% for 'famous' people auctioning off their time for charity.