Bindi Irwin was reportedly overwhelmed to receive signs from her father Steve Irwin when she gave birth to her firstborn child, a baby girl with husband Chandler Powell, last month.

According to sources, the 22-year old was "so struck" when she saw the newborn's appearance because she resembled the late TV personality so much. Bindi noted that her baby girl shared the "exact same nose" as her dad.

"It really is perfect. Not a day goes by when Bindi wonders what life would have been like if her beloved dad was still with her," the source told Australian publication Woman's Day.

Grace Warrior Irwin Powell ❤️

— Bindi Irwin (@BindiIrwin) March 26, 2021

Moreover, the fact that Bindi gave birth to her daughter on March 25 was supposedly another sign from Steve. It happened to be her wedding anniversary to Powell. She "was able to laugh a little" when she realised it was her dad's way of "letting me know he's here."

As for Terri Irwin, she is said to be "over the moon" with her granddaughter. She and Bindi's brother Robert often argue over who gets to hold the baby next. She is also "blown away by how much Grace looks like Steve."

Our perfect Grace Warrior is one week old.
This week has been filled with sweet snuggles and infinite love.

— Bindi Irwin (@BindiIrwin) April 1, 2021

"It gives her a sense of peace that she not only has his two children but now his grandchild to remind her of him. She only wishes he could be here to see Bindi as a young mum – he'd be so proud," the source shared and claimed that Steve would have been an emotional mess too as he "always cried when he talked about how much he loved his kids."

"He thought Bindi's birth was the biggest miracle ever, so she can only imagine what he'd be like as a grandpa to Grace," the source added.

Bindi and Powell named their baby girl Grace Warrior and they could not be happier to have her in their life. The former "Dancing With The Stars" contestant is said to be in a "love bubble with her baby and her husband at the moment." Both mum and baby are "beautiful and healthy" and are now back at their family home at Australia Zoo.

Bindi Irwin
Bindi Irwin. Getty Image/Mark Metcalfe