Bitcoin mining giant BitFury Group is opening its third energy saving data center in Republic of Georgia next week.

BitFury is one of the good guys when it comes to sustainable and renewable bitcoin mining operations. It uses renewable energy for all its data center operations and has a well known commitment to having the smallest carbon footprint possible.

This new mega data center will have a capacity of 40 MW of electricity to process transactions using BitFury's latest generation 28 nm and 16 nm Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips. It will take full advantage of BitFury's proprietary immersion cooling technology developed by Allied Control which was acquired earlier this year, as well as locally sourced hydroelectric energy.

BitFury CEO Valery Vavilov, said: "This data center will take immersion cooling technology to the next level and set a new standard for data processing using renewable energy. BitFury is leading the innovation in this space and we are proud to unveil our new data center and to work with our global partners to advance this important work."

Allied Control specialises in two-phase (2PIC) immersion cooling technology which significantly increases power density to a record-breaking 250kW per horizontal rack from about 5kW to 10kW average, reduces cooling energy consumption by more than 96% with a PUE of 1.02, accelerates deployment time drastically and delivers on environmental sustainability.

BitFury builds its own ASICs, PCBs, servers and data centers. Allied Control's 2PIC technology makes it possible to run fewer chips hotter, and recycle virtually all of the waste heat for local industrial or municipal use.

This growth and progression can provide a roadmap for high performance computing as it evolves toward and beyond the upcoming "Exahash Era" – the time when the Bitcoin network computing power exceeds 1,000 petahashes (quintillion hash operations) per second, said a statement.