A divorced model and a broker have spent six times the length of their marriage arguing over their divorce settlement, resulting in one of them spending £230,000 ($285,200) on legal bills to date.

Millionaire commodities broker Damien Hancox and model Marilyn Levesque lived together as a couple for five months in South Kensington before splitting and were said to have led a "hedonistic" lifestyle after locking eyes in 2010.

The pair married in a £200,000 ceremony in 2013, and 30 months later, a judge is urging them to come to an agreement before they squander what remains in the settlement.

"The more you spend on legal proceedings, the less money there will be to share between you," said Mr Justice Baker at the High Court hearing.

Levesque claims that Hancox failed to disclose details of his finances including a £20m fortune, before he declared himself bankrupt in 2007.

Hancox has won the latest round of the battle. The commodities broker, who has homes in Verbier and Ibiza, appealed to the High Court that he was at a disadvantage at the last hearing in 2016, as he had to handle the hearing over the phone while he had pneumonia in Ibiza.

Levesque argued that there were photographs of "bundles of cash" at the home they shared and that her former husband had bank accounts abroad in other company names.

As well as this, Levesque's lawyers alleged that the money was "spent freely" during their marriage, and Hancox spend more than £4,000 on a trip to a nightclub. Hancox also ran up a credit card bill of more than £200,000 in a 12-month period.

Hancox said that Levesque didn't deserve any of the cash because she "lived like a student" during their marriage.

The most expensive divorce settlement to date saw Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev and Elena Rybolovlev reach an agreement for an undisclosed sum.

Formula One magnate Bernie Ecclestone also handed over £740m to Slavica Radić after 23 years of marriage.