A man is reportedly suing car-hailing company Uber after a glitch in the app allegedly led to his divorce.

The unnamed French man, from the Côte d'Azur region, claimed that after logging into the device from his wife's phone, she was later able to see all future journeys despite logging out.

Due to the fault, she was able to figure he was really going and she was being misled, presumed infidelity and then filed for the divorce.

The man, said to be a prominent entrepreneur, is demanding €45m (£38m) from the US company. His argument is that if the bug had not existed, the wife would not have found out about his affair.

Although other details about the case are sparse, the first hearing of the case is scheduled in March, according to French publication La Figaro, who first reported the story.

La Figaro contacted Uber France for a statement, who declined to comment.

"Uber does not publicly comment on individual cases, including the case of divorce proceedings between spouses," the spokesman said.

IBTimesUK has also contacted Uber for a comment, but they have not immediately responded.

Numerous Uber users have complained about the existence of a bug over Twitter.

Parakram Khandpur, from India, said: "I signed into someone's phone to use Uber but it's still delivering notifications for my [account] despite signing out."

The bug is said to affect older versions of iOS, the iPhone's operating system. Those who updated to iOS 10.2.1 are no longer said to experience the problem.

In October 2016, Uber's chief executive Travis Kalanick said 40 million people use the app every month.