He has been begging his estranged wife Paula Patton for forgiveness at every opportunity since their split, but it looks like Robin Thicke has finally thrown in the towel.

The Blurred lines singer has reportedly accepted that his marriage is over and is ready to give his highschool sweetheart a divorce.

You may all remember that actress Patton called time on their eight-year marriage back in February after that raunchy performance with Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards - and that picture of Thicke grabbing a socialite's bottom in a club.

Thicke appeared to wave the white flag of defeat this week by putting their Los Angeles mansion on the market. According to Variety, the 3,158 square foot property has been listed for $2.985 million.

Patton has not lived in the home, which is located above the city's famed Sunset Strip, since they parted ways five months ago.

The sale comes just a month after Thick made the ultimate gesture of contrition and named his new album Paula.

But his emotional campaign backfired and the album only shifted an embarrassing 530 copies in the UK in its first week of release. And although he managed to sell 25,000 copies across the Atlantic, it was nothing compared to his Blurred Lines success.

TMZ reports that divorce is imminent and Thicke's lawyer is already working on a financial settlement and separating assets to make it as amicable as possible. .

Although neither has officially filed papers, an insider says Thicke is done begging and is ready to move on.