Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin

BNP leader Nick Griffin has told a student newspaper the sight of two men kissing is "creepy."

Griffin made the remark to James Greenhalgh, a gay reporter on Leeds Student, after being challenged on his previous comments regarding homosexuality.

The British National Party leader was specifically challenged on a statement in which he labelled homosexuals as "creatures" and said many people found them "repulsive."

"Let me explain," Griffin said. "Gay people have complained for years that the rest of society hasn't understood how they feel, and has had to make allowances, has to be tolerant.

"So why can't you people simply get over it and tolerate the fact that a lot of heterosexual people - we don't want to persecute you - but we find the sight of two men kissing creepy. That's just a fact. What's the problem?

"You [students] may think I'm a monster, but look at what your fate would be in an Islamic republic of Britain."

Greenhalgh also questioned Griffin's decision to publish on Twitter the home address of a gay couple, following their successful pursuit of damages for discrimination against a B&B which refused them lodgings.

Griffin published the address of Michael Black and John Morgan, before warning them to 'expect a visit from a 'British justice squad.'

He told the Greenhalgh that the information was already available on the internet before he released it on Twitter - a move which triggered an avalanche of criticism.

"I just posted it to make it clear that we did know where they lived. Again, if you want to talk addresses, bear in mind that no one in the liberal left complained when thousands of our members' addresses were published on the Internet thanks to Julian Assange and Wikileaks."

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In addition to his comments about homosexuals, Griffin has courted national controversy by saying Britain is under threat from Islam, and offended Jewish people by referring to Hilter's genocide during the 1930s as the 'holohoax'.

"I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the world is flat," he said in 1998.

Griffin told Leeds Student that his views on the Holocaust have changed since then.

In 2009, Griffin insisted "there's no such thing as a black Welshman." That outburst provoked criticism from Vaughan Gething, the first black leader of the Welsh Trade Union Congress.