Days after British astrophysicist Natalie Christopher's mysterious disappearance, a body believed to be hers has been recovered from a ravine about a mile from where she was last seen alive. Volunteer firefighters found the body at the bottom a 65 feet deep ravine.

According to the testimony of her partner, Christopher had gone on a cliff run early Monday morning. She failed to return and respond to her phone when her partner tried to contact her. Police and emergency rescue team launched a massive search and rescue operation to find Christopher. At the same time, the police have sealed off the couple's hotel room for investigation.

While the body most likely belongs to Christopher, an autopsy can confirm the identity of the body. When asked if the Police are suspecting foul play, a police spokesperson said that it was too early to tell and the coroner's report would give a clearer picture. However, one of the volunteers gave a statement to Greece's Open TV which suggested that Christopher might have slipped and been crushed by loose rocks.

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Rescue workers carry a body recovered from the site of the helicopter crash Jorge Cabrera/Reuters

Blood splatter found on the sheets and pillow in the hotel room is being tested by a forensic team. Christopher's partner claimed that the blood was due to a nosebleed Christopher had Sunday night. The reason behind Christopher's death is yet to be determined. Foul play has not been ruled out yet in the case of Christopher as well.