The second annual Boring Conference was introduced in London, on Saturday. While the actual conference itself is yet to be held, this curtain raiser attracted 400 people ready to discuss subjects like the view from the roof of a car park and hot-air hand-driers.

James Ward, the organiser of the conference, was quoted by The Independent, as being afraid that this year's conference could end up being a bit too interesting, given the success of last year's event.

According to the newspaper report, additional subjects at this year's conference will include a morning debate on the development of the electric hand dryer, who has installed a Dyson Airblade at his home and a description of the history of Budgens Supermarkets.

The excitement generated by the forthcoming event is such that a Canadian documentary team will be sent to record proceedings. However, Ward believes that there is still scope for failure.

The idea for the conference, which started as a joke on Twitter, has proven to be a successful one; last year's conference attracted speakers like author Jon Ronson and documentary maker Adam Curtis.

"I am hoping that because I am putting it together things won't work, I will forget things or someone will pull out," said Ward, 30, who works for a DVD distributor. Incidentally, Ward will deliver the introductory speech on the first ten years of Which? magazines, and also commented on the irony of boring stuff actually not being so boring.

In addition, almost two dozen speakers will be given 10 minutes to discuss any subject they may choose to. Four hundred tickets have already been sold.

"What we are talking about is the stuff people take for granted, which is considered trivial mundane. Because it is so familiar when you look at it in detail it is incredibly interesting," Ward added.