Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been filmed apparently yelling at a black cab driver to "f**k off and die" after the pair reportedly clashed over the MP's support of Uber.

Newly elected Uxbridge MP Johnson was cycling along a road in Islington, north London, on his way home when he was heckled by a taxi driver.

Johnson's expletive-ridden response was captured on video, which was obtained by The Sun newspaper, and appears to show him saying to the driver "Why don't you f**k off and die – and not in that order."

The row came after the taxi driver reportedly reprimanded Johnson verbally over his support of the taxi service app Uber, which has been criticised by London's black cab drivers for muscling in unfairly on their trade.

It is claimed the app, whose fares in some circumstances are known to be considerably cheaper than black cabs', has cost the jobs of hundreds of taxi drivers in the capital.

Both sides have since played down the incident with sources close to the mayor claiming the cabbie was a serial offender and that he felt obliged to respond to gestures and comments the driver made.

The general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association, Steve McNamara, said the incident had been blown out of proportion and was "a bit of a storm in the tea-cup".