Working as a superyacht hostess around the Mediterranean, Nicole Reed started having body image issues. Images of Instagram models added to Reed's feeling of inadequacy. After a recommendation from a friend, Reed went to Turkey for multiple cosmetic surgeries at unbelievably low prices. However, the cheap surgeries proved harmful when her breast lift surgery did not heal according to plan.

Because she had to spend most of her time in a bikini surrounded by other bikini-clad women, Reed started feeling that her body was inadequate. She claimed that after losing some weight, she felt that her breasts had started to sag.

Reed, who already had lip fillers, wanted to get breast implants to enlarge her breasts. A friend suggested that getting the surgery done overseas could save her thousands. Contacting a clinic in Turkey, Reed got her breast implant surgery done for £2,800.

Plastic surgeon Boucq displays a new silicone gel breast implant to replace a defective implant manufactured by French company Poly Implant Prothese after he removed it during a surgery operation in a clinic in Nice
botched breast lift left superyacht hostess looking like a car crash victim. REUTERS

Excited by the results and the cost, Reed decided to return to the clinic for more body-transforming surgeries. The 30-year-old woman, originally from Auckland, New Zealand, scheduled another trip to Turkey in 2017.

Reed spoke to the doctor at the clinic about getting a breast lift, face graft, liposuction, and a Brazilian butt lift. Speaking to The Sun, Reed described her surgery wish list as a shopping list which she wanted to tick items off of.

When she discussed the surgeries she wanted to get done, the doctor suggested she get them done all at once. He claimed that the surgeries could be dealt with as a single surgery which would cost her less money.

After getting multiple procedures done together during a seven-hour surgery, Reed awoke to tremendous pain. She could not lie on her back nor her front due to surgeries to her buttocks as well as her breasts. Even though she complained of pain to the nurse and the doctors, she was released from the hospital after two days.

Spending a week alone in a hotel in Istanbul, Reed decided to fly to Thailand to recover there. After a painful flight, Reed was left in a horrible physical condition.

In Thailand, she noticed that the wounds had opened up and were secreting pus. Doctors there removed her stitches and prescribed antibiotics. The phone number of the clinic in Turkey remained uncontactable. Reed decided to return to New Zealand.

In New Zealand, nurses and doctors were shocked at the condition of Reed's breasts. Her doctor informed her that her breasts had become infected by bacteria. She needed to give her breast time to heal while diligently cleaning the dressing.

Reed shared the trauma she undergoes every time she has to look at her mutilated breasts. Her doctor informed her that she came close to losing her implants and once her breasts healed, she could get corrective surgery done.

Warning against getting cheap cosmetic surgeries done, Reed laments the mental and physical trauma she faced due to her own bad decision.