What was one of the most highly-anticipated boxing fights of all time delivered as Gennady Golovkin and Saul "Canelo" Alvarez served up a classic in their middleweight title fight.

A fight that was two years in the making finally took place on Saturday (16 September) as the duo fought not only for the middleweight titles but for some, to determine who the best boxer on the planet was.

However, it was the scorecards of the judges that ultimately soured a great night of boxing as while many pegged "GGG" to have just about won the fight, the result was eventually deemed a split-decision draw.

Judge Adelaide Byrd scored it 118-110 for Canelo, Dave Moretti had it 115-113 for Golovkin, while Don Trella scored it 114-114, all but setting up a big-money rematch for 2018.

While most fans, celebrities, fellow boxers, and combat sport athletes undoubtedly enjoyed the fight as a whole, many were concerned and shocked with the judges' scorecards, with Byrd's scoring being the biggest talking point so far.

IBTimes UK has compiled the best reactions to the middleweight title fight.

On the judges' scorecards

On the fight as a contest

Canelo and Golovkin embrace each other after the fight Getty