Every year the Oxford English Dictionary - the authoritative record of the English language - adds thousands of words to its vast archive of the language.

There are more than 600,000 words listed and once a word is added it is never removed.

As we enter 2012, International Business Times UK looks at a selection of the words that made the cut in 2011.

Abbott's Booby, n - Not a mammoried monk, but a large, endangered seabird in the gannet family found only on Christmas Island in the Pacific.

Absquatulise, v. - It may sound like a calorie-burning workout technique, but absquatualise means to leave abruptly, in a humorous way.

Administrivia, n - A word most likely to be uttered by perma-tanned, gleaming-toothed yuppies. Means tedious but vital tasks that keep an organisation going.

Babykins, n. - A (nauseating) term of endearment.

Bibimbap, n. - Not something that would leave the lips of a scat singer but an assorted Korean dish with the literal translation of "mixed meal".

A chef prepares a giant bowl of traditional Korean dish \"bibimbap\" at an international food exhibition in Shenyang. Sheng Li / Reuters

Blackcurranty, adj. - For use when something tastes very, err, blackcurranty.

Brain candy n - Entertaining dross that doesn't require any significant cognitive activity, e.g, X Factor.

Chemtrail, n. - Conspiracy theorists rejoice! Your crazy chemtrail theory, which claims governments are poisoning the atmosphere by putting toxins into aircraft contrails, has been recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary, even if nobody else cares.

Aircraft contrails have been branded \'chemtrails\' and added to Oxford English Dictionary. Reuters/Darrin Zammit Lupi (Reuters)/Darrin Zammit Lupi

Churchillian, adj. - No, it isn't a word used to describe racist imperialism but evokes Winston Churchill's habit of rousing speeches and can-do spirit that we want to remember, rather than the nasty Empire stuff he did.

Cryonaut, n. - A person cryogenically frozen in order to be revived far into the future.

Death slide, n - A morbid name for the much jollier sounding zip wire.

Emailed, adj. - It only took 30 years from the first email being sent for the adjective "emailed" to appear in the English dictionary.

Ex abundante cautela, adv. - Latin's making a comeback as this entry from the dead language means "from excessive caution".

Framboid, n. - "A microscopic aggregate of pyrite grains, often occurring in spheroidal clusters." No, I don't know either.

Gado-gado, n. An Indonesian vegetable dish covered in peanut sauce.

Gender reassignment n. - To the tune of a famous Percy Sledge song from 1966, "When a man becomes a woman". Or the other way around.

Goldendoodle, n. - You might think this is an artistic trick that involves making a picture by urinating in some snow. Incredibly, it isn't. It's actually a golden retriever/poodle cross breed dog.

A goldendoodle. Nikoretro via Flickr

Letter-bomb, v. - The act of sending someone a letter with a bomb in it. Really.

Posilutely, adv. - One of those "quirky" words like "absotively" used by irritating people who can't just say yes.

Kewl adj. - A kewl new word for saying "cool" but with more emphasis.

Take-no-shit, adj. - This is a genuine entry. And self-explanatory.

Turbinado, n. - It could be the name of a particularly speedy Brazilian footballer but it's really a type of brown sugar.

Va-jay-jay, n. - A way for prudes to say vagina without crumbling into an embarrassed heap on the floor.