Nottingham bouncer
A shot from the vicious brawl video that is circulating online Twitter

In a wild video, a muscular bouncer has been filmed punching young party-goers and knocking them to the ground as a vicious brawl breaks out during a student night. Filmed outside the Ink nightclub in Nottingham, England, sometime during Thursday night, 4 January, the clip shows the doorman knocking out at least two men with single punches.

As the bouncer landed the severe blows, one of the clubbers was seen falling flat on the ground, with onlookers screaming in horror. Within moments of the first strike, though, the security guard served another blow, this time taking down a fellow reveller, who lands right on top of the first man.

According to reports, the bouncer was involved in the bar fight that unfolded on the sidewalk and the street and has been asked not to return for duty by the club.

However, from the one-minute forty-second long clip, it is not clear what might have sparked the vicious row.

Regardless, the situation got nasty with men and women running about the street, causing panic among the people gathered near the club. In fact, the first victim of the security guard was hurled and then thrown down, hitting his head on the front of a car in the process, after he tried to punch the bouncer in his stomach.

Despite being knocked to the ground, the man made a second attempt by staggering back to his feet, only to meet the same fate as before. Within seconds, the burly bouncer once again sent him down with a single punch to his head.

While this went on, a second man tried to intervene but was knocked down by the aggressive doorman in similar fashion. As bystanders surrounded one of the victims who was lying on the floor, a person can be heard calling out, "Someone call 999."

After the video made its way to the internet, a spokesman for the Nottingham Police urged witnesses to come forward and report the incident.

"Nottinghamshire Police has been made aware of a video circulating online of an incident that is reported to have taken place in the Queen Street area of Nottingham city centre, either on the evening of Thursday, 4 January, or the early hours of Friday, 5 January, 2018," the statement read.

"At present, no report has been made to officers in respect of an incident of this nature at that location at the date and time currently being reported by some media outlets.

"While the force is conducting its own enquiries to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident, officers are encouraging anyone directly involved or who may have witnessed the incident to call Nottinghamshire Police on 101 with any information," it added.