A Brazilian theif was caught on camera last week shooting himself in the foot whilst guarding the front door of a bank he was breaking in to.

The comical CCTV footage from a small town in the Brazilian state of Parana shows the robber seemingly get bored and fiddle with the pistol.

The gun then goes off as it hovers above his foot and the man can be seen bending over in agony.

His partners in crime missed the accident but saw the effects of it after the man limped out of the bank and made his escape.

The robber's efforts were in vein, however, after police saw the footage and arrested the man who they found in a local hospital receiving treatment for a gunshot wound in the foot.

The footage has been released by police in effort to catch the other members of the gang, however the video has since gone viral.

Police have said they are looking for six other men who took part in the robbery.